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Mrs Nora de Silva, a specialist English Language and English Literature teacher and curriculum developer (Victoria Junior College, Raffles Institution Gifted Education Programme https://rafflesiantimes.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/a-conversation-with-professor-andrew-ng/ and Nanyang Girls’ High School GEP), has taught students across a wide range of needs and abilities, from as young as seven to as old as eighteen and has seen the outcomes of choices made by her students and their parents.  Hence, this book.

What will you find in this book?

What do you do when you are at a fork and you have at least two roads in front of you and you know you have to make a choice?
You could do with some direction from someone who has seen and heard from many who took different roads.

This book is trying to do just that - offer you

nsight - to the sometimes unexpected, and regretful outcomes of choices
N otes - on what to ask at an open house as well as what to look out for in a secondary school

S igns - that a school is conveying an exemplary value system
I ndications - of a thriving school that you can pick up in the yearly MOE handbook 
uidance - on how you can determine which exam pathway is suitable for your child
H and-holding - with examples of factors to consider for different student profiles, for boys and for girls
T ruths - (as opposed to misconceptions) about what would be a good choice for your child

The book is written with the busy parent in mind, with lots of illustrations (tables, lists, even a template of how you should profile your child)to help the parent anxious to get down to picking the schools. 

It's not just about getting good or even great PSLE results... it's about making the RIGHT choice for your child.  Don't let it be a matter of regret later on; find out what you need to know before you make this all-important decision for your child. 

English Language & Literature enrichment programmes
by Mrs Nora de Silva

Interested parents and students can SMS me at 81386011

  • 2015 English Enrichment Classes
  • Sec Literature Unseen Poetry Programmes 

Enrichment Classes 2015

Venue: 20 Kramat Lane, United House, 05-02 
(near Dhoby Ghaut & Somerset MRT stations, behind Concorde Hotel)10 weekly, ongoing English enrichment lessons per term (largely following the Singapore school terms)
12 per class: fee $569

To enrol in 2015 classes, please SMS 81386011 for more information.


Term 1 Schedule of English enrichment classes 
(all one and a half hrs per lesson)

In J2 or J1?
General Paper (double-yr J2):
Fri 7.30pm & a new 2015 Sun morn class

In Sec 4 or Sec 3?
Upp Sec EL (double-yr Sec 4) :
Wed 5.30pm / Thurs 5.30pm / Sat 9.30am

In Sec 2 or Sec 1? 
Core Sec EL (double-yr Sec 2):
Tues 4pm / Wed 4pm / Thurs 4pm

In P6 or P5?
PSLE EL (double-yr P6):
Tues 5.30pm / Fri 5.30pm / Sat 11.15a

Note that
there are 2 distinct full-yr General Paper, O Level/IP Yr 4, Sec 2 (pre-streaming) and PSLE programmes.
 I offe
r..specially developed English enrichment programmes

  • JC General Paper
  • Upper Sec EL, Lower Sec EL for O levels or Integrated Programme on the A level pathway
  • Lit Unseen Poetry, Lit Unseen Prose, Studying Shakepeare & Studying Set Texts, modular programmes for Secondary Literature & IB Language Arts
  • PSLE English Language

I used to offer...(but am unable to now)
One-to-one English enrichment lessons 

  • Error analysis & exam coaching for students with special needs or hybrid conditions (usually post-intervention, eg. a dyslexia specialist might refer a gifted but dyslexic student)
  • Study skills, learning styles profiling and self-motivation strategies
  • Guidance and coaching on specific Literature  & Language Arts Individualised Project Work (IPW) for "O", "A" levels, SATs (Scholastic Achievement Tests) or International Baccalaureate
For information on available places, SMS (+65) 81386011  Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm
with info on -

  • School level
  • Subject: General Paper/ English Language / English Literature/ Language Arts/ Language & Literature
  • Exam pathway: GCE A levels/ GCE O levels/ IB (International Baccalaureate)/ GSCE/ IGCSE/ PSLE/ Others
  • Lesson format: Enrichment class/ One-to-one corrective (post-intervention upon referrals from specialists)


For first-time overseas enquiries, pls send a query.

Sec Literature Unseen Poetry

Understanding Different Forms of Poetry 
Tackling Unseen Poetry 
Focus: identifying and recognizing different forms of poetry
            & answering Lit Unseen Poetry questions 

6 three-hourly sessions (12 lessons of one and a half hours each), 
$622.80, max 12 students 
Venue: same as above

The following are some of the schools (international as well as local) that my students come from: 

United World College (SIN)

ST Paul's Prep (UK)


Anglo- Chinese School (Independent)

Raffles Institution

Hwa Chong Institution

Raffles Girls' School

Temasek Junior College

Catholic Junior College

YishunJunior College

Anderson Junior College

Jurong Junior College

School of the Arts (SOTA) 

School of Science and Technology

Victoria School

Crescent Girls' School

Cedar Girls' School

Tanjong Katong Secondary

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Methodist Girls' School

St Joseph's Institution Independent

St Joseph's Institution International

St Gabriel's Sec School 

Presbyterian High School 

Rosyth School

Ai Tong School

Nanhua Primary

Nanyang Primary

St Nicholas Girls'

Tampines Primary

St Anthony's Primary

CHIJ (Toa Payoh)

Anglo-Chinese School Junior

Anglo-Chinese School Primary

St Joseph's Institution Junior

 and many, many more not mentioned here.

Some happy successes - 
2011 J2 PRC scholar  to complete his perfect score of 7As with General Paper (going from a D in J2 first semester to A in the A-levels), 
2007 Sec 4 student with a prelims L1R5 30pts in July to jump to a 9 in the O-levels with A2 in EL after study skills and EL enrichment, 
2009 P6 student from 38/95 to 58/95 for Paper 2 Booklet B in Term 1, 
2008 P5 student from C in P4 SA2 to A*, 
2013 P6 foreign-born student to join 
in Term 3 and go from E to B, 
2012 8 A1s (including English Language) from a humble 4As in the PSLE EL, his first exam with me,
2012 Sec 4 student joining in mid Sec 4 (doubling up on Core Sec and Upp Sec EL) to go from consistent failure in the EL essay to 8A1s (including English Language),
2011 5As (including General Paper) in the A-levels from humbler 4As in 2007,
2011 IB student to sort out his weakest link, Language Arts, to a clear 43 (perfect 7 in all subjects bar Theory of Knowledge),
Express stream students to take the Lit Unseen Poetry and clear the selection for IB in Sec 2.