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Junior College 1-2


In Pre-university (JC 1-2, IB Year 5-6), one's competence in English Language, argumentation, and social issues is tested in the following subjects:

  • General Paper

  • Knowledge and Inquiry

  • Theory of Knowledge

  • English Literature

  • Language and Literature


With a fair number of students opting for the Integrated Programme which bypasses the O'Levels, one would be hard put to say there was any one type of IP A'Level student. While they all did not go through the rigours of a national examination at the age of sixteen, what they may have covered in their respective IP syllabus could be quite different. They would find the Comprehension Paper at A'Levels less of a challenge, having had the luxury of an upper secondary curriculum that could afford to spend time on a more General Paper bias.


If students in the Express stream are prepared thoroughly for the O'Levels, they should have no difficulty with the demands of General Paper (basically an 'AO' Level, or H1, paper) once they get to junior college, if they choose to pursue this route to university. However, students who dropped Literature in upper secondary may have some difficulty with the literary questions in the Comprehension paper. Students who already have less affinity and aptitude for essay-writing and opt for a subject combination like PCME (Physics/Chemistry/Maths /Economics) may find they have less practice and more unlearning to do. My GP classes have students with different subject-combinations.


Students will be taught to:

  • Identify their learner profiles, strengths, and weaknesses,

  • Appreciate marker psychology,

  • Set up the flow of an argument,

  • Strategise in their choice of topics and issues,

  • Practice the craft of persuasion,

...and make many more fine distinctions.


The General Paper programme is geared towards a balance of content-mining and writing and analytical skills.

What will secure the A in General Paper in the end is always logic, not content per se.

“Armed with countless useful tips and an engaging teaching style, Ms D was a great help. I felt very secured going into the exam. The lessons were always interesting and Ms D gives extremely clear explanations and has a beautiful reading voice. I have no doubt that my success in General Paper was because of her guidance and advice." 

- Juliana Seah, Victoria Junior College, Class of 2019. Juliana received an A for her General Paper A-Levels.


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