This is a two-year PSLE programme which is constantly updated to address any changes in exam specifications and fine-tuned to accommodate the new/higher demands.

The P6 pupil will follow a complete programme that prepares him/her for the PSLE at year-end.

The P5 pupils who join in P5 will follow the same programme but in the following year, another set of lessons designed for PSLE preparation will be taught, much like preparing for the same sports meet in consecutive years.

What’s covered:

The most challenging sections of the PSLE paper which are the

  • Comprehension (Open-ended) (what parents know as Comprehension)

  • Comprehension Cloze (what parents refer to as Cloze passage)

  • Continuous Writing (commonly referred to as Essay or Story-writing)

  • Synthesis and Transformation 


Lots of tips and strategies will be taught and shared - to save time, to direct student's focus, to stand out from the crowd, to pick out one' errors, to shorten the learning cycle, to maximise retention and most importantly, to keep the momentum!


Note for students in Primary 4

While I appreciate why parents of P4 students may wish to seek help to boost the children's year-end P4 EL grade, high marks in P4 are not indicative of PSLE performance. The most challenging sections, say, Continuous Writing, have not taken their place yet in the final marks.


If your child is currently in Primary 4, get in touch with us at the start of Term 4 to secure a place in the following year's PSLE EL enrichment programme. 

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