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Memorable successes - 

J2 PRC scholar (2011)  to complete his perfect score of 7As with General Paper (going from a D in J2 first semester to A in the A-levels)

Sec 4 student (2007) with a prelims L1R5 30pts in July to jump to a 9 in the O-levels with A2 in EL after study skills and EL enrichment, 

P6 student (2009) from 38/95 to 58/95 for Paper 2 Booklet B in Term 1, 

P5 student (2009) from C in P4 SA2 to A*, 

P6 foreign-born student (2013) to join in Term 3 and go from E to B, 

8 A1s (including English Language) (2013) from a humble 4As in the PSLE EL, his first exam with me,

Sec 4 student joining in mid Sec 4 in 2012 (doubling up on Core Sec and Upp Sec EL) to go from consistent failure in the EL essay to 8A1s (including English Language),

5As (including General Paper) in the A-levels in 2013 from humbler 4As in 2007,

IB student (2011) to sort out his weakest link, Language Arts, to a clear 43 (perfect 7 in all subjects bar Theory of Knowledge),

ACS (Independent) Express stream students to take the Core Sec Eng Lang Prog in Sec 1 & 2 as well as the Lit Unseen Poetry and clear the selection for IB in Sec 2,

Many come in as students worried about a English, Lang Arts or General Paper exam, and leave after 8 years after claiming a place in a premier university (and sometimes with a scholarship as well!).

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