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2022 Nov-Dec Holiday

PSLE Creative Compositions Workshop


Level: 2022 Primary 4 & 5 (Taking PSLE in 2023 & 2024)

Teacher: Ms Nicole de Silva

This Creative Compositions workshop focuses on the PSLE Paper 1 Continuous Writing component and will teach students how to craft original and engaging compositions through thoughtful application of writing techniques.

Students will be taught to:

  • Plan storylines in a sequential manner

  • Engage with the chosen image meaningfully

  • Identify gaps in logic

  • Develop well-rounded characters in their story

  • Utilise an usual setting in their story

  • Apply a wide range of vocabulary in describing their characters, settings, and situations

  • Edit their writing from the perspective of the marker

Mode: Online*

Duration: 3 days x 2.5 hours, with a 30min break in between (7.5 hours total)


28- 30 November (Mon - Wed), 3.30 - 5PM and 5.30 - 6.30PM

Capacity: 10 students per group

Fees: S$325

*Please ensure your camera & microphone are in good working condition.

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"I got to know more about the interesting side of the stories used in literature. It was really an eye-opening exposure for me, getting to know the literature texts which were came in helpful in school.

This holiday program changed my perspective about Literature which many told me it was a boring subject.

You just need the right person to make the stories come to life."

- Rayken Chan, Sec 1, Maris Stella High School (2021). He previously attended the 2020 Post-PSLE Workshop

Post-PSLE Literature and Current Affairs Workshop


Level: 2022 Primary 6 (2023 Sec 1, O-Levels, N-Levels, IP, IB)

Teacher: Miss Woo Yan Yan

The Post-PSLE Holiday Workshop is a Secondary 1 Bridging Programme that covers Literature Classics and Current Affairs in a fun and relaxed learning environment, devised to prepare students for Secondary 1 English & Literature.

This year’s programme (2022) will cover age-appropriate introductions to

  • Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’

  • George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

  • Elizabethan theatre conventions

  • Introduction to Poetry - Rhyme, Rhythm, Syllabic Structure, and Forms of Poetry

  • Introduction to Plays (Reading Scripts)

  • Greek Mythology 

  • Iconic & history-making Nobel Prize Winners

Mode: On-site @ United House (Kramat Lane)

Duration: 3 days x 3 hours (9 hours total)


21- 23 November (Mon - Wed), 9AM - 12PM

Capacity: 10 students per group

Fees: S$390

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Core Sec SPEAK UP! Writing & Presentation Skills Holiday Workshop


Level: 2022 Sec 1 & 2 (O-Levels, N-Levels)

Teacher: Miss Woo Yan Yan

This holiday workshop is designed to help your child master the art of written argument and build their confidence in public speaking and oral presentation. Exploring different ways of crafting and delivering speeches, as well as techniques to engage the audience in a range of public speaking situations, students will exercise creative thinking in debates and develop thoughtful and mature responses to the various current affairs topics discussed. Miss Woo will be offering each students individualised feedback throughout the workshop.

This workshop will cover skills for both Paper 1 and the Oral Exam:
- Situational Writing: Crafting and Delivering a Speech

- Spoken Interaction AND Argumentative Writing: Thinking Critically and Structuring Responses

- Reading Aloud: Articulation, Intonation, and Pronouncing Difficult Words
- Content Knowledge: Covering a range of topics based on recent O’Level Examination Trends


Mode: Online* & On-site @ United House (Kramat Lane)


Online: 3 days x 3 hours, with a 30min break in between (9 hours total)

On-site: 3 days x 3 hours (9 hours total)


GROUP A (ONLINE): 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2022 (Wed - Fri), 9 - 10.30AM and 11AM - 12.30PM 

GROUP B (ON-SITE): 5 - 7 Dec 2021 (Mon - Wed), 2 - 5PM

Capacity: 10 students per group
Fees: S$390

*Please ensure your camera & microphone are in good working condition.

Upper Sec Bridging Course


Level: 2022 Sec 3 & Sec 4(N) (Taking O-Levels in 2023)

Teacher: Miss Woo Yan Yan

This course will cover skills for Paper 2 Comprehension Open-Ended, including:
- Reading Passages: Develop Reading Skills to Tackling to Challenging Passages (both Narrative & Non-narrative)

- Unpacking the Questions: Get Familiar with Common Question Types, as well as Understanding the Expectations of Trickier Questions

- Hone Accuracy in Answering Questions

- (2023 NEW FORMAT) Summary Writing: Learn to Paraphrase


Mode: On-site @ United House (Kramat Lane)

Duration: 2 days x 3 hours (Total 6hrs)

Dates: 8 - 9 December 2022 (Thurs - Fri), 2 - 5PM

Capacity: 10 students per group
Fees: S$260

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